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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Observing Sweden - 27 July 2013 The Church at Stora Tuna – Borlänge

Dala Church 1
This church is a few miles from where we live, was completed in 1469., was the religious and political center of Darläna (the area in which we live) at that time. It is a three hall, Gothic style design.


Created by an unknown Swedish woodcarver, early 16 century. It comprises both medieval and Renaissance features.
Altar piece:
Dala Church 4

Copy of 1659 painting by David Klöcker Ehrensstrahl. It is of the baroque style. Frame is carved and gilded wood.
Dala Church 3

Made in Stockholm and transported by sled to Stora Tuna. Wood is painted to look like marble. Installed 1757.
Dala Church 5

Installed 1969. Has 3 manuals an 43 stops. Note Spanish trumpets, Hard to see unless you enlarge. They are at the bottom of the top center pipes.

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