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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Free Air

© Bruce Louis Dodson

Free Air


I remember back
when air was free
at any 1950’s filling station
as a boy with tube tire bike
and later, cars.
No problem
didn’t have to spend a dime.


How is it air’s no longer free?

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Blind Spots

Yan Tu 2
You can’t point out people’s blind spots to them. If they weren’t blind spots you could, but since they are blind spots they won’t see them. So it’s better to just be loving. When they are ready to see through the blind spot they will.
                                                                                                           Yan T’ou

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Amber Reviews the Catican

Amber 2 

Humans are not allowed inside the Catican, but I have decided to share these with you.
The first is by Michelangelo Feline. The entire painting was done with his tail and a toothbrush. He was never the same after that and went to live with a very rich old lady in Napoli.

Cat - God

The second one is by Grimalkin Tabby a few years before he was taken to the Catacombs. It depicts various entities wishing they had more legs.

Kat Art Good
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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Observing Rome - Last Looks

 Vat Tik 
The Vatican

The crowds are here again, of course. Must be at least a thousand waiting to get in. Takes ninety minutes, then we pass through airport like security, conveyor belts and plastic tubs for metal objects.

Rome Vat Enter - Fixed 

We’re given recorder gadgets when we pay admission, and a pair of ear buds. Don’t like wearing these, but when in Rome . . . .

Rome Vat Enter 2B 

We spend three hours wandering, amazed . . . hard to absorb so much, and we have seen so little. It’s beyond imagination. Statues everywhere with penises chopped off, and men dressed up like chess pieces.


 Rome Vat Water

People lining up for holy water in a courtyard near a huge brass thing. A present to the Pope from some famous sculptor. I’m sure it has some deep meaning, but my audio device went staticy.

  1. Rome Vat Sculpt 

I missed the explanation of it. See scaffolding (in green at left) part of the endless maintenance required.
Rome Vat Repairs
Inside again we pass by tapestries as big as England, hanging flat against the walls below long hallway ceilings painted with more detail than a person can take in.

 Rome Vat Ceiling Vat Crop Working

It starts to feel too much, a cake too sweet that gives a queasy feeling in the stomach, massive decoration, wealth and power – scary. We’re inside anther world, another country, once surrounded by great walls. Now sixteen Euros gets you in – to the museum.

Street Details
Rare Antique Pay Phones Everywhere.

Phone Pay Fixed

 Rome Arch Detail Fixed Best
 Not sure if the bars are to keep people from falling out, or prevent them from climbing in.

Collage A Eye - Name 
Last Look

Monday, October 12, 2015


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Friday, October 9, 2015

Observeing Rome - Street Scenes - 2

Click on photos to enlarge.

Street 2 Span Step
I wonder what it’s like inside this place?

Living Statue 1 Cropped 
Another street performer.

There are a lot of dogs here on the avenues. I wondered why they caught my eye so often. We’ve got dogs at home, I’ve never paid that much attention, but the dogs here, these Italian dogs, are something else – class acts. These dogs are Gucci and Armani, promenading with their prideful owners who pose happily for photo ops.

Dog 2 (4) 

I only saw one cat, lazily snoozing in a shadow, grateful to be left alone, unleashed, well fed. Kept by the owners of a restaurant next door. As good as it gets.

Rome Cat Cropped

 Cat Nap
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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Observing Rome – Street Scenes & Recollections

Been here a few days and have a cognitive map of this small area, hard to get lost. It’s very nice here, scenic. They’ve maintained old things. I’ve seen only one glass and steel high-rise, and not that high, less than ten floors. Wonderful old buildings with windows that open on tree lined streets, sidewalk cafes everywhere. Insanely decorated churches, statues . . . This is not the most expensive city. Doesn’t rank in the top ten, but I suspect it’s an expensive place to live.

Street 1
It’s nice to simply walk around, explore the streets.

Street - Steps Vendor

Living Statue 2 
So many things.

Rome Cops 1 Fixed 

There are fantastic churches almost every other block. No tourist mobs, maybe one or two people, no admission and mind numbingly ornate.

Rome Church 1 

This one is worth a click to enlarge – I promise.

More Next Week