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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Buckminster & Amber 64: Amber Croft – Kat Kung Fu – Part 3

Amber Croft  A Cat of Nine Tales

Typical Chinese morning, blue sky, smell of rice between the lotus blossoms. Buckminster of Beijing napping as usual. Time for graduation approaches with speed of greyhounds. Students practice many hours, wanting to learn.

Cat Fight

But this Buckminster is great problem. No way he can wear robes of Golden Amber Temple . . . yet, it may be possible to keep young kat from wearing robe of shame. I must create a test of courage, one he cannot fail, to bring possibility of his future employment, perhaps as rat catcher . . . or bookend if he gains a few more pounds.

Will holy lamas forgive this Kung Fu falsehood?  Humble teacher must accept responsibility for act of saving Buckminster face. What name shall test be called? ‘Facing the Dragon.’ Yes, sounds good, means nothing. Name is easy, test not so. Must take time to ponder this. Hasty conclusion like gunpowder, easy to explode.

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