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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Buckminster & Amber - 58 Through the Wormhole - 2

Wormhole - Part 2

I saw Amber’s face on the other end. She was watching me, to see what happened I guess. Then her ipurple, velvet universe. I’d taken on some weird shape shifting ability and could be anywhere, just mage began to blur and shimmer like a desert mirage. I felt kind of nauseous and hocked up a fur ball as things came into focus. I was in the twilight zone!

I could see planets, a big red one right in front of me, and millions of stars pinpointing a black and by thinking it – the quantum express . . . no road map. I willed myself into the big red planet one with one nagging thought. Could one return from an astral trip? Would I want to? I was weightless . . . unbridled intellect, existing without the inconvenience of form and fur.
I saw a clock face that looked like something from a Salvador Dali nightmare, hands spinning backward, around and around and around. I went along for the ride, tumbling and twisting into a kaleidoscope of consciousness.  The stars began to blink out one by one. Must have taken a million years to fade to black, but there was no time here, distance was an intellectual illusion.           

I was catatonic.

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