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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Buckmister & Amber 63 - Amber Croft: Kat Kung Fu 2

Amber Croft  A Cat of Nine Tales

It was typical Chinese morning, blue sky, smell of rice between the lotus blossoms.
Buckminster of Bejing also typical, taking nap at when others busy learning skills.
            “Will you not be practicing again Grasshopper?
            “I’m too tired, Sifu. I was up late last night, yow-ling at the moon.”
            “Kat who yowl at moon by night miss lessons under sun by day. This is not good.”
            “Whatever,” he replied.
            Only foolish kat waste words when argument is lost. But what to do when pupil has not learned respect for elders. Is great problem for this humble teacher of the warrior’s way. Were he of common stock would be back to worthy parents long ago, but father is close friend of emperor and has made great contributions to my Golden Amber temple.
            Perhaps is best unsuitable student not to follow way of warrior. Mud turtle in pond safer that kat on horseback. What to do? Is an enigma. I began my morning practice, Praying Mantis - Chow Style, with this troubling thought in mind.

 Buckminster does not hear the sacred call of discipline, but to remove unworthy student would cast shame of many dragons over field of life.

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