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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Buckminster & Amber 65 - Amber Croft - Kat Kung Fu 4

Amber Croft – Cat of Nine Tales
Amber Croft Open Photo

Part 4

    The Dog of Death
Another dawn at Golden Amber Temple. Buckminster sleeping off catnip hangover on front steps. “Wake up Grasshopper.”
            Awareness struggles to take shape in brain of lazy student. “Time has come for final test,” I tell him. “If you pass today, you can leave dojo with respect. Return to worthy parents as one who . . .” What can I say, “. . . has passed test.”
            “What test?”
            “Test called ‘Facing Dragon.’
            “Facing Dragon? Isn’t that a bit over the top? I only weigh five pounds.”
            “There is no dragon. Dragon retire many years ago.”
            “Too bad,” Buckminster speaks. “I would have broke his toes . . . twisted his tale.”
            “Good fortune you have missed that opportunity. Today is much more simple, test of courage. Is called, ‘Facing Dog of Death.’ Dog not so big as dragon whose tail you would twist. Dog maybe fifty pounds . . . more or less.” Buckminster courage disappears with speed of rabbit chased by fox.
            “But, I’m not ready, sifu. Next week maybe.”

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