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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Postcards From Another Point Of View – 24 September 2016


 Postcard from Ellie: 24 September 2016

This is so weird. Smoothy got upset because I used his name in my story. Now he wants to write the total Smoothy part of my book. I don’t know, sounds complicated, and a giving up control of plot. Where will the story go?

“Come after me,” he says. “Chase me with words. Come play with me. As smooth as silk, I slip away, or reappear to play with you.”

I said okay. I’ll take a chance. But it could ruin the story. Simply kill it—it might simply end in space . . . or could be fun. We’ll see what happens, but I’m saying right now, and in print, I take no responsibility for anything the Smoothy character says or does within the contents of my book. The Smoothy character will be beyond my fictional control—or not. We’ll see how this goes. I guess we’ll hear from the fictional Smoothy next. As for the real life Smoothy—He can run, but  he can’t hide.

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