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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Postcards From Another Point Of View – 17 September 2016


Postcard From Smoothy                                                            17 September 2016

Ellie’s been barking about how she’s going to be a police dog and write crime stories between photo ops and modelling. The mind boggles, but whatever. She’s a good hound and lets me use her Doggenkeyborden to work the computer. I wish her well.

As for me I’d rather be at home, inside the house, or out on the yard when it’s nice, but it’s getting colder after five warm, sunny days. Speaking of house, I wasted two more flower pots, and another lamp. It’s not my fault. I was chasing a fly and those damn plants got in the way. The ‘thing on a string’ thing is fun, but nothing beats live meat. Flys are great, and spiders are fun to torture, but I haven’t seen many of them. To tell the truth I’m a little bored today.

I’ve been thinking about starting an advice column for kats. I’ve been around the block a few times — my 5th incarnation this one. The column would be strictly for felines, of course . . . maybe the odd dog if one was having problems with a feline house-mate. Not for human consumption. I should put that under the title of the column.  What would I call it? Dear Tabby? Yuk! Info For Felines, might work.

I have some interesting friends. Psycho Kitty for instance. Not sure I’d want to meet him in person, but he would be fun (and safe) to read. My other friends are relatively sane, but also interesting. Gracy, Shy and Abby live somewhere in Kansas. They might write. And there are others: Boots, Dolly and Felica. Lulu, Foxie . . . Snooky. No idea where they live. And Libra—wonder what she’s like. Cooperative? Fair minded? Indecisive?

The female servant’s out with Ellie on one of their neighborhood tours. They walk ten klicks some days — a Swedish mile. Forgetabout it! Male’s upstairs again. There’s not much going on this gray sky, late September afternoon.

I think I'll run this up the flagpole — see if anyone salutes.

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