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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Postcards From Another Point Of View – 15 September 2016


Postcard From Ellie:

Well, it’s like I’m having doggy-vu again. Another contest and no ribbon. A stuffed shirt English judge this time. Seemed a bit far back, if you want my opinion. He’s said my coat was too thin, then added I was “An exciting youngster,” and gave me another “Very Good” rating. Yuk.

I still don’t have a Hollywood agent, but there was some good news yesterday. I went to a special police dog training class. We are learning about following scent, which I am already good at. They hid goodies in various boxes for me to sniff out. I made it look harder than it was. There will be more advanced training next week. I wouldn’t mind doing some police work. It could be a big help with writing my crime novel and I’m pretty excited about it. We Scandinavians have a special talent for that sort of thing. I’ll probably get to wear some kind of uniform and work on interesting cases.

Below is a photo taken at my sniffing class. It’s not  a very good one because you are not supposed to take pictures there. It’s all very secret. This photo was taken by a puppyrazi poodle I met in Stockholm.


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