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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Observing Sweden - 11 June 2013

Observing Sweden – 11 June 2013
This is my thirteen week in Sweden. Things are going well. House is slowly getting into shape-garage still occupied with things we need to get rid of. I’m feeling comfortable, still vexed by language difficulty, gets to me in unexpected ways. I can’t read labels pharmacy stuff and foods. Sliced lunchmeat is a luxury item here. Assemble at home stuff is driving me nuts. It seems like nothing is complete readymade these days, instructions come in a dozen languages but remain inscrutable. I’m beginning to relax a bit, taking a break from our ten hour nonstop days of opening boxes and moving in. Some things have magically disappeared, most often the most treasured of course.
Wife took me on my first walking tour today. I learned we only live a few minutes from Dalälven River. It was nice to stroll along its shore after being warned not to touch the deadly stinging plant. Don’t know the proper name, Swedish equivalent of poison ivy I suppose.

There’s a “Rights of Man’ thing here that allows folks to walk along privately owned beach property – something you’d get busted for in the States. It’s been a beautiful day. Most days have been since our arrival, only the occasional well timed rain.

On the return we found a bill for our T.V. License, 500 Kroner – about seventy-five bucks. What the hell is a T.V. license? I asked. It’s a quarterly fee paid for the privilege of owning a T.V. and radio the wife informs me. Not for any kind of programing or service, just for owning one. Started about five years ago much to the dismay of the natives. Ah, socialism. But you can walk of the beach.

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