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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Buckminster & Amber -47

You won’t believe this. Yesterday we were put in a space capsule and that was outside on the landing deck. It was interesting at first, I mean I’ve always been a curious sort and this was new. It was a windy day, and there were lots of new smells in the air. I also saw a bird go by and could hear others but didn’t see them. Amber was nervous, but that’s the way it is with females – or maybe she had a right to be. There was a very strong breeze which felt kind of good on my fur. Borläng is located on a very flat part of Sweden and there is always wind. Amber learned that on the Internet on day when she was messing around. Well anyway, the capsule suddenly took off and we went rolling across the yard like a giant tumble weed with the servants chasing after us. I was cool about it of course and there was no damage, but it was truly a catastrophic event. Who knows what the bipeds will do to us next? Stay tuned.

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