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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Amber Croft - Tale 1 Part 1

A Cat of Nine Tales
Amber Croft

Beginning of the End – Tale 1  Part 1

            I was first to realize there was something was going on, though Bucks was not completely clueless – unusual for the male animal. Bucks is a couple years older than me and was already living in Seattle when I arrived. He greeted me with less than open paws and followed me around the house like a shadow. Needless to say I found this annoying, but I put up with it, ignoring him for the most part which wasn’t easy to say the least.
            After a month or so he decided to accept the inevitability of my existence and even became friendly, perhaps wanting to be more than friends. You know how males are, always sniffing around and curious. I had to slap him a couple times and decided to let him occupy the top floor of the cat tree in order to sooth his ego. After a while he got over it and we fell into a more or less comfortable domestic routine . . . until March of 2013. That’s when things began to fall apart.

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