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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Buckminster & Amber - 49

 Well, I suppose Boots and Shy and all the guys from Kansas are wondering what happened on Dog Day. The truth is not too much really. I mean Bucks thinks it was, but that’s just Bucks.  I spent most of the day napping although the stupid dogs barking woke me up a couple times. They were Schnauzers. I think they were speaking German and not the smartest canines on the block if you ask me.
 The highlight of the day was when the guests were leaving. The Schnauzer’s servants decided they should meet Bucks and Lou took him out on the porch for an introduction. It was okay for about ten seconds then one of the Deutch dogs barked at him and Bucks freaked out. (Don’t tell him I told you) Bucks made this incredible hissing sound, like and anaconda or something, and took a swipe at his nose, but missed. I stayed calm thought the whole thing of course. It was kind of amusing.

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