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Thursday, February 28, 2013

On LeavingAmerica - Part 44

The End Is Here

 Saying goodbye to Seattle:Well, it’s been okay here. There was culture enough: operas—saw a dozen with my wife, some great comedians: Harvey Korman & Tim Conway, Lewis Black—Chris Rock. There were symphonies, great restaurants and lots of writers . . . artists (big on glass here). Lots of rain. We will be trading that for snow—which needs to be shoveled. Ummm . . . . The weather isn’t really all that bad here, rarely freezes. Below zero will require getting used to—and so many other things. The aircraft’s mighty engines drone some thirty thousand feet above the earth—six hundred miles and hour . . . the hush of night. It’s late. Some passengers watch airplane movies, others sleep. Wife in the seat beside me. Cats between our feet. In ten more hours we’ll land in Paris, then change planes and travel on to Stockholm, then a two hour train ride and Part 2 of this adventure will begin. EDxit PlaneBy the time you read this we’ll be far away.


  1. Wishing you and your wife a safe journey and many more beautiful adventures and explores that insight creativity and joy of life.