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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Buckminster & Amber - 29

It’s not been easy for us; I can tell you that. Today for instance. These five guys came barging in and started taking stuff. I mean like they took everything. There’s nothing left! The color box is still blabbing away and Boots’ servant brought over a couple chairs for our bipods to sit on. We’ve been left a litter box, but nothing to climb on.

Willie’s losing it. He’s totally stressed out. I’m so glad I’m not human. I’ve been trying to stay out of the way, demanding the occasional snack when he sits down, which isn’t often. It’s hard to get snacks when they’re up and doing something, and they’re always doing something these last months.
Amber’s been doing her cat yoga to stay calm, but I’m not into that. I just relax, I mean I totally let go, all muscles perfectly at rest . . . no stress. Kind of a Zen thing—beyond words.

To make it worse I’ve overheard some talk of smuggling us into a hotel . . . Like common criminals! I can’t believe that this is happening.
I need to relax.

Catnap-PhotoshoppedAh, yes. This is more like it—easy to do when you know how, and I’m a master of the art. Amber is pretty good at it, but she can’t stop thinking . . . even when she sleeps. She snores sometimes, and has dreams about shoes, a hangover from her past life as a human. It might not be possible for females to stop thinking, but for me it’s easy.
Amber Shoes

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