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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Buckmister & Amber - 26

Wow! She’s putting up a fight. She’s vicious with those nails, and wants no part of this.
“Merrooow,” she snares. She's fast and has a temper . . . and she’s out!

“Too small.” Lou looks at me but I ignore her and then I saunter off to see where Amber’s gone. She’s probably hiding underneath the bed find her right away. This nose of mine is just like radar, much more sensitive than any dog’s. 

“Are you okay,” I ask. We don’t use words, but Amber knows exactly what I’m thinking.
“No! They’re going to put us in those bloody cages.”
“Yes. I told you that two days ago. Not for a short time either. . . We could die.”
“You’re such a drama queen,” she sniffles. Amber has a sinus problem.
“We’ll, we could. We’re going on the silver bird. I overheard Lou making the arrangements. I thought we would go First Class, but no, we will be on the floor . . . Economy.”
“Economy? You’re kidding.”
“In economy” I tell her. “We change planes in Paris.”
“I’d like to see Paris again,” she meews.
“Right.” Amber is into the past lifetimes thing—reincarnation. I think she’s in for a rude unawakening.

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