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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

On Leaving America - Part 39

From Limbo Into High Anxiety & Chaos

The house is sold! We have to be out of here on 4 March. In the meantime, ship my car and to Gothenberg this Friday and somehow sell the wife’s ride the day before we leave, or before in which case we will have no means of transportation. Wife’s car, of course, has chosen this time to have problems . . . something with its computer chip which would cost more than the car is worth to replace. Still a million things to do with bank, SSI, insurance, Medicare, retirement papers, Wife closing her very successful business and office, bank things and hundreds of loose objects still not packed.

We thought we had the cat transportation worked out, but not. Can fly with 2 cats in cabin on Delta to Amsterdam. But from there we go KLM to Stockholm which only allows one cat in passenger cabin. This means we have to take separate flights from Amsterdam – one cat on each, and arrive in Sweden at different times. 

In the meantime we must go to Olympia to sign still more papers for cats. Olympia is about an hour drive from Seattle and I’m not sure car will make it. I’m not sure I will make it!

I’ve been having a few beers to help relieve the tension.

Photo © Lyle Bonge     From his:  The Sleep of Reason

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