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Friday, February 15, 2013

Buckminster & Amber 27

Buckminster & Amber – 27

Amber - Re CaageI can’t believe this! Amber got another cage! It probably cost three times as much as mine! It’s red . . . and quilted ! Really. But I’m not surprised. It always goes this way. She’s such a flirt. You won’t believe this: Yesterday the houseman—his name’s Willie—gave her a whole smoked oyster. And what did I get? A cheap, dry over-the-counter cat snack.

And there’s the thing with this new carpet. Have you noticed how well it matches her coat? You can bet she had a heavy paw in its selection—makes a perfect camouflage background that helps her hide from me. There’s no way she can really hide from me, but sometimes I don’t see her coming. She’ll be lucky if one of the humans doesn’t step on her. I don’t really care about the carpet cause were leaving anyway. And that red cage is way too effeminate for a hip kat like me.

I just wanted you to know what’s going on.
Buck's Paw


  1. I love these stories! You are really good in thinking and talking cat language! LOL!

  2. Bruce,

    I really wish I had the time to read more of your stories. I absolutely LOVE them!

    I will be reading them as I have time and probably will be commenting on things from a month back, but we may be moving to Panama, so I have my hands full at the moment. Just keeping up with my blog posts are a challenge. I'm also trying to finish a book, weed things out around here, and planning an exploratory trip to Latin America. Not sure how this will go since neither of us speak Spanish.