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Monday, August 15, 2016

Ellie’s Diary – 15 August 2016-08-15

I’m just back from another beauty contest, and it isn’t easy, I can tell you that. It takes a lot of preparation. The photo below is me at the hairdresser’s.

Ellie and Barber 
It takes a about an hour – boring, and they taped one of my ears back. Yuk. I can’t really feel it, but it’s embarrassing to walk around like that for days before the show.
Whatever. Things went well, I got three ribbons.

Ellie Ribbon 3

 The blue one is the most important. If I win one more of those I will be classified as a Swedish Champion. I still haven’t heard from Hollywood, but am adding this shot to my SAG file. (Screen Actors Guild).

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