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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Ellie's Diary - 30 August 2016

A Dog on Floor

Well, you’re probably wondering how I did at last week’s contest. This was my first big city contest—Stockholm. You will not believe what happened. I was disqualified! I can’t believe it. I was doing okay, going through the routine: sit, stop, turn around, back up . . . all that kind of stuff, when a couple good looking dogs walked past the edge of the field.

“Whose that blond bitch?” I heard one of them bark.

Well naturally I had to look to see who they were talking about, and it broke my attention. Next thing I knew my leash was pulled tight and that was it. When the leash goes tight it’s over. I was so embarrassed!

Lou Ellie Contest 27 August

The long ride home to Borlänge took 3 hours. I was wasted by the time we got back and Smoothy wanted to play. He’s just a young cat with more energy than a gerbil on crack. To tell the truth I’m really not that into kat play, though it’s fun to chase him around the house once in a while. I finally made it to the sleeping room and jumped up on the bed for a long nap. End of story.

Another contest’s coming in September. I’ll be ready to go again by then, and promise to ignore distractions.

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