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Friday, April 26, 2013

Observing Sweden - 27 April 2013

Bored  bemused in Borlänge

This is our eighth week in Borlänge, Sweden. Still no furniture. Our ship has been delayed at the Panama Canal we are told. I’m getting calluses on my bum from living on lawn chairs. The shipping agent in Stockholm told us delivery would be last week of April. Agent in America says sometime in May. All my tools are on the boat, so not much I can do here - shelves, etcetera, for when things when they arrive - hopefully while I’m still young.

Speaking of young . . . I had a birthday party the other night - my 75th (where do the years go?). A few of my wife’s family came over. There was beer, wine, whiskey gin and cake - mostly cake, but I managed to get a nice buzz and felt like a young man who simply had something wrong him. The guests left and we were about to turn in when the wife noticed Bucky was gone.

We looked everywhere, moving rapidly from mild curiosity to total panic. He could not be found and there are no places to hide in this empty house! Lou was in a state of total panic. I wondered if I had left a door open . . . or if one of our guests . . . . It was still light enough to see outside at 9:30. I went out to look around the house and yard; Bucky escaped a couple times in Seattle but always stayed close to home.

We couldn’t find him. It was impossible for him to escape. I’d kept a close watch on the doors as people came and left even though slightly drunk. We searched the house again, looked everywhere - no Bucky. It seemed like Amber was looking too, or maybe she was just following us around. Who knows what cats think.

We gave up and began to prepare for bed with heavy hearts. Wife went into her bathroom to do whatever she does before retiring. I was already in the sack when I heard a shriek.
“Willie! He’s in here!”
How could that be? We’d checked the bathroom a dozen times, There was no place for him to go, just some empty shelves.
“I opened the drawer and there he was,” she told me. “And the drawers were closed! They’re always closed!
“How could he open a drawer and close it behind him? There’s no way. Impossible!

But there he was. I took a couple aspirins expecting a minor hangover in the morning and drifted off into a dreamless and greatly relieved sleep. How in the hell did he do that???

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