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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Buckminster & Amber - 42

A number of you kool kats have been asking how I managed to pull off the old ‘Kat in a Drawer’ trick. I have decided to let the existing members of my fan club (Foxie Amber & Gucci) in on the secret, but with a warning. Do not try this at home!

First of all, your house has to have a bathroom cabinet with self closing doors and a open space below. The trick is to crawl underneath, then climb up the back side of the cabinet and into the drawer from the rear. Even an experienced feline like myself might have some trouble getting back out on their own, but our house woman always opens the drawers to get stuff before she goes to bed.

So now you know. It was lots of fun listening to the servants freak out when the could not find me, and when they did they were so happy I got a few extra snacks.

Photo below is a shot of Amber trying to figure out how I did it. She still owes me 2 sardines for her fan club membership, but I am letting her stay in on a probationary basis.

For those kool kitties who have expressed interest in joining my club, the admission price it 2 sardines.
Mail to:
The Buckster Fan Club, C/O general delivery, Borlänge, Sweden. [Humans are not allowed]

Since this is my first newsletter I have decided to give free membership to my new Kansas friends: Shy, Abby and Gracy.
Welcome to the club!

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