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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Buckminster & Amber - 39

Memo from Bucks:
I have my game plan now. The house-woman’s purse is big enough to hold a raccoon and five gerbils. I’ll remove most of the contents, get inside and wait for her to leave the house - maybe take a nice snooze inside the thing. No worse than the closet with all those damn shoes. Worse case scenario is she might dump some of her makeup stuff on top of me.

I’ve been taking it easy today, chilling out on the dog- breath chair. Amber’s been keeping me company. I’ll miss her when I leave. It’s quiet today. Servants are gone again, no one around to bother us.

I’m starting to worry about internet hackers. I have this paranoia that someone is getting into my e-mail, and as you may or may not know, paranoia is a heightened state of awareness. I’ve been trying to get into PayPal so I can by some anti-snooping software but can’t find the password. Doesn’t really matter.

I’ll be out of here before long. Not sure where I will go yet. Yesterday I found a map of Gothenburg, a Swedish seaport. I could sign on to a ship as a professional ratter and disembark at Paris maybe. Sometimes I have dreams of Paris, from another incarnation - number three of my nine lives. Amber was there too. Her name was Lulu then. I don't like leaving her behind,but she's happy here and has even learned a few Swedish words. Sometimes you just have to suck it up.


  1. OK, Bucky, suck it up! If you leave, you will not have a computer and internet access... Cyber purrs, big boy! Your 'purr pal' awaits :-) Foxie

  2. Sigh...Oh Bucks, where are you? Paris is so lonely without you...Sigh :)