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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Observing Sweden - 20 April 2013


They seem surprisingly pro Amercian here, an almost admiration. I’ve seen U.S. flags on cell phone covers, Levi jackets (which cost twice as much here) pillows . . . even shoes.
Almost everyone speaks English and often German as well. These skills are learned in grade school.I worry about my ability to speak Swedish, but my son in law has taught me the most important swear words. They seem the easiest to pronounce.

More on moose lights:
I was looking at one of the many cars with moose lights which always stick out further than the bumpers. I asked a friend how in the world the kept from being broken when

parallel parking.

There is no parallel parking in Sweden, I was told. 
Seems like a good idea.

The Weather:

Snow here has totally disappeared. Days have been sunny since our arrival. Last week all our neighbors were removing their studded tires. Tires must be switched on a certain day, both spring and winter. Failure to do so results in a huge fine. They are big on huge fines here.

My son in law just got a 4000 kroner speeding ticket- a little over $600. His first speeding ticket ever; he is forty. There is no recourse, no traffic court or driving school options. I worry about driving here. Lots of funny laws and speed limits are weird. 40 MPH on most four lane highways. 50 on freeways. On rare sections of road 60 MPH is permitted.
Enormous roundabouts are everywhere and eliminate the need for traffic lights, but you have to think fast both entering and exiting. I am not good at thinking fast.

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