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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Buckminster & Amber - 11

“Well Bucks, at last we have some peace and quiet and no strangers passing through. Do you feel better?”
“No. I want to see what happens next. This isn’t over. I have cat-like intuition. We’ll be locked inside that little room again.”
“Oh, Bucks, you’re so darn negative. Let’s go and watch the squirrel. The servants put out nuts today.”

I just do this to make Amber happy, but they are amusing, and there’s not much else to do. House woman isn’t home, will probably come back at sundown. House man’s here . . . in the garage. He keeps the door shut. I would love to get out there. It’s like a jungle, giant pyramids of boxes, tunnels, caves and places to explore—places to hide and things that need investigation.  A clever cat could get way lost out there, but it is not to be. I feel so bored and nervous. There is so much going on and at the same time nothing, always more of less. I’ve not been getting much attention and I must admit I like attention even though I’d never show it. I would never rub against a human’s legs, or jump on someone’s lap as some cats do. Forget about it!

“They’re so quick and cute,” says Amber. “Fast. I’d like to chase one, wouldn’t you?”
“I’d like to catch one—twist its tail a time or two. They’re all such show offs.” God, the thought of honest chase . . . pursuit. It makes my heart beat faster and my tail go twitchy. And there’s birding out of doors. What thrill, to catch a bird in flight. I want to be outside!

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