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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Observing Rome – Street Scenes & Recollections

Been here a few days and have a cognitive map of this small area, hard to get lost. It’s very nice here, scenic. They’ve maintained old things. I’ve seen only one glass and steel high-rise, and not that high, less than ten floors. Wonderful old buildings with windows that open on tree lined streets, sidewalk cafes everywhere. Insanely decorated churches, statues . . . This is not the most expensive city. Doesn’t rank in the top ten, but I suspect it’s an expensive place to live.

Street 1
It’s nice to simply walk around, explore the streets.

Street - Steps Vendor

Living Statue 2 
So many things.

Rome Cops 1 Fixed 

There are fantastic churches almost every other block. No tourist mobs, maybe one or two people, no admission and mind numbingly ornate.

Rome Church 1 

This one is worth a click to enlarge – I promise.

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