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Monday, September 28, 2015

Observing Rome – The Coliseum

Colusium 2 Cropped 
The Romans started building the Colosseum (It) in 70 AD and are still working on it.
Colus 1 Fixed 
Thousands waited in line to get in when it was finished. Thousands are still waiting to get in – as difficult now than it was then, perhaps more so. After a long wait in line there is twenty minute security check requiring passport or driver’s license.

Rome Soldier Cropped 
Armed guards try to wonder unobtrusively a midst the throngs. His smile was not for me.
 “You are not permitted to photograph military personnel,” I was told. 

I suppose there have always been guards walking around the place.
Rome Soldiers Old Cropped (2)
Touts roam the crowds explaining they can get their small, often potential, groups inside ahead of larger groups now waiting. We decided to move on, browsing around the adjacent ruins.

My wife in white at bottom left.
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