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Friday, October 9, 2015

Observeing Rome - Street Scenes - 2

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Street 2 Span Step
I wonder what it’s like inside this place?

Living Statue 1 Cropped 
Another street performer.

There are a lot of dogs here on the avenues. I wondered why they caught my eye so often. We’ve got dogs at home, I’ve never paid that much attention, but the dogs here, these Italian dogs, are something else – class acts. These dogs are Gucci and Armani, promenading with their prideful owners who pose happily for photo ops.

Dog 2 (4) 

I only saw one cat, lazily snoozing in a shadow, grateful to be left alone, unleashed, well fed. Kept by the owners of a restaurant next door. As good as it gets.

Rome Cat Cropped

 Cat Nap
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