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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Obsereving Sweden - Driving Me Crazy

Took my 2nd driver’s practice today, another $100. I did okay, but forgot to look at the right side mirror a couple times. I was a little stressed. It’s such a pain in the ass with someone telling you, “Go left at the next stop, then right. Follow the sign to Ornsköldsvik.” One usually knows where one is going ahead of time, but then, I’ve only been driving for 60 years. Now I have to take a ‘slippery road’ practice in a town near here. This takes 3 hours and costs $200 U.S. In order to be permitted to take this practice I have to pass a slalom test – between traffic cones, forward and backward, with a stick shift vehicle.


I will need to have a translator with me as instructions are in Swedish. If I don’t pass the slalom test I get to pay another $200 and take the test again. If I manage to pass, I get to take a written test, (another hundred bucks), with thousands of possible relevant questions such as, “What is the maximum speed for a moped Category 1?” If I pass that I get to pay another fee and take the actual driving test.

I am so totally pissed!

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