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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Buckminster & Amber - Bored in Borlänge


Some followers have asked what we’ve been up to lately. Well, the truth is, not too much. We’ve been concentrating on Doing Nothing, a meditation humans find difficult. They try, but usually end up feeling guilty about it. Bucks is a master of the art can do nothing  85% of the time without much effort. Elimination of effort is the Rosetta Stone of Doing Nothing. Writing, of course, is doing something, so I’ve been avoiding it. I’ve just woken up from a nice nap so pardon me while I have a wake-up stretch.


Ah, that’s better. Now, where was I? Oh yes, doing nothing. There has not been not much to do of late, I mean if we were into doing something, which we’re not. Outside is covered with this Swedish white stuff. I have no idea why they do that. It’s not fun to walk on, cold and wet. 

I can remember the long days of summer and green grass, our afternoons outside in the tent, and hunting the wild moose. [Buckminster & Amber - 50  June 8, 2013] Mooses are weird. One committed suicide at the shopping mall last week. It jumped off a high retaining wall and broke its neck. We felt sorry for it.

I can’t think of any more interesting news. Bucks has been reading Swedish poetry and posing as an intellect. I suppose I could post another of my thoughts on Swedish painters, but I’ve had enough of doing something for the moment. I’m going to wake up Bucks. Maybe he can think of something while I take another nap.

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