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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Observing Sweden – Weather Report 7 January 2014

Observing Sweden – Weather Report 7 January 2014

Snowless in Sweden

Gray skies overhead
Hold nothing but false promise
Seems I might as well be somewhere
Down in the Bahamas!

Minus 5 Fahrenheit  in New York. Coldest day in last 100 years.
Here in Borlänge, Sweden, 6 degrees above freezing . . . average for this month and last. The warmest winter here in  fifty years – since they began recording. Snowfall was predicted again yesterday, but it didn’t happen.

Seems like it’s winter everywhere but here. And I was so prepared: with studded tires, and three pane windows, sub-floor heating, high top boots with cleats, long underwear, fur hat, a full length cowboy duster that weighs seven pounds. Wife knitted me a pair of fine wool mittens.


Snow Cannons: Note bare spot – top of hill.

Ski resorts are making do with man-made snow that keeps on melting. Upside is low power bills. Electricity is expensive here.

I was so ready! Careful what you wish for, people tell me. 
I don’t care. I wish for snow!

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