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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Observing Sweden - Weather Report 11 Jan 2014

It’s snowing at last

Here in Borlänge

            In Sweden

Took such a long time

To get what we’ve been needin’!



  1. Well I hope you like it. We had a record 8 inches here on Dec 7 and that was enough for me. We still have some around in nooks and crannies, but the last week has been about 50 so can't complain for Jan, which is usually in the deep freeze.

    I took a few days and went to southern CA anyway and that sure was nice. It makes me wonder why I ever moved here. It was 78-80 everyday with windows and doors open. I can never get enough of that. My latest post is up if you want to read about the trip.


  2. Bruce,

    I have been catching up with all your posts. Give Bucks and Amber a brushing for me. Sorry to hear that learning Swedish is still in the bucket...learning a new language is very hard :( Glad you finally got snow. We had a white Christmas in Kansas this year. Tell Bucks he should be glad that you did not let him out when the traps were about with mice/rats. He could have gotten caught in a trap and hurt in beautiful paw.

    Take care. And love the photo! You look so distinguished :)

  3. Now Bucks is demanding I fix him one of your recipes!