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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Henning Mankell's Bad News

This from a Swedish newspaper re-translated from a Google translation. So sad. Henning is one of my favorite fiction writers.

A few days into the new year , I traveled to an orthopedic surgeon in Stockholm, who previously had treated me . I went with a diagnosis of a painful herniated disc in my neck.
When I returned to Gothenburg the day after I did it with a serious cancer diagnosis.

Special memories of the trip home, I do not have. Only the stubborn gratitude to Eva Bergman , my wife, who was with me .\

A few days later I was at Sahlgrenska Hospital’s lung reception. Black and white: it was serious. I have a tumor in my neck and also a tumor in the left lung . In addition , there are suspicions the cancer has spread elsewhere in my body.This was just over 14 days ago. I am now going through the final investigation, and treatment options. My anxiety is very great , although I basically can keep it under control.

Very early , I decided to try to write about this because it is ultimately about a pain and suffering that afflicts so many people. But even with our astounding medical science, and a light that is often beyond the mists, I have decided to write just as it is . . . the difficult battle it always is. I will write from life’s perspective, not death .

I will do it at irregular intervals in GP.

I’m starting now.
I’ve started now.

Henning Mankell

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