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Friday, October 28, 2016

Thoughts in passing: Trump – (Follow up from Monday’s post.)


Could this be it? 

More Hillary e-mails. The other shoe at last?  I don't think so. Just another distraction to keep us away from anything relevant we might be discover. What we are discovering is just how rotten the whole thing is. We are almost afraid to look, but watching. This insane reality - better than fiction. So much of it is fiction.

Thoughts in passing - 25 October 2016

Trump and the other shoe.

I keep waiting for some kind of huge surprise in the election. Nothing would surprise me. It’s weird what Trump does. He feeds on negativity. He probably eats Krypton for breakfast. This is what got him where is in the first place. He’s been called every name in the book, but the names where called on prime time TV—again and again and again. Mass media is eating it up. The news is more entertaining than prime time TV. Trump has gone out of his way to alienate the press. Now why would a candidate do that? Journalists are pissed and slamming in into him with such obvious gusto, one would have to admit is biased, even if true.

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