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Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Bitch From Borlänge - Chapter 7


The Bitch From Borlänge

By Ellie of Cameron & Smoothy

Chapter 7


I took a walk in a nearby park to let my dye job set, read the paper and plan my next move. There was a crime report on page 2, posted by Inspector Johansson I suppose. It gave a description of Smoothy which might be helpful—or not. I doubt if the Rosengaard kats would be interested in helping the police as no reward’s been offered, but whatever.

I found an interesting notice on page 4. “FIFE International Cat Show, Malmo. Famous kats from around the world,” it said. A Persian glamour kat, Lulu Rashid, is expected to appear this weekend wearing a diamond collar worth millions. A bejeweled Siamese named Magnolia will also be showing off.

Sounds like Smoothy’s kind of bag, but will he dare to show?  It’s worth taking a sniff.

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