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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Down and Out in Amsterdam – Day 2

Amst 2016 
Sun’s out today – blue sky. There’s still no room in my room, but it’s very clean and looks better in the daylight. I decide to stay, rather than hassle for a refund and a new place to stay.
Morris and I visit the World Press Photo Exhibit at the new church. There are two main churches in this area, the old one, Oude Kerk (one the left)  and the new one (below) Nieuwe Kerk.

The New Church is Enormous.

The exhibit featured the winning images from the world’s largest annual press photography contest. “A collection of trends and developments in photojournalism that presents the (at times gruesome) reality of events on the world stage, but also the beauty of life.”

I did not take photos of the photos, but they were amazing and interesting to see in large scale, most at least three feet wide. Some were disturbing, others very beautiful. The nature photos were especially fascinating. Some of ‘art’ shots were Photoshoped, which always bothers me, but they were very good.

Illusions 1 

Reality’s becoming more and more elusive – especially in Amsterdam. Leaving the photo  exhibit we discover more colorful art.

Painted Lady - 1 
She draws a small crowd of curious onlookers – mostly men.

Painted Lady - 2

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