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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Amber & Ellie 1 – Bad news in Borlänge

Ellie competed in another dog show this week and came home without a ribbon. She’s been so depressed.

Ellie Depressed - A

“I’ve lost my groove,” she said. “If news of this gets back to Hollywood . . . .”

A & Ellie Under Table

“You can’t expect to win them all,” I told her. “There’ll be other shows. You’re still a young hound, Ellie. Time is on your side.

“You think?”

“I’m sure of it” I tell her. “‘Cannot tell where path will lead until reach end of road.’ Charlie Chan said that.”

“Who’s Charlie Chan?”

“A famous Chinese cat. He makes old movies. Look, you’re going to be just fine. You’ll win the next time, or one after.”

She’ll feel better in the morning. “Dog show judge like windshield wiper, can go either way.”

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