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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Amber & Ellie - 1

Amber Couch Crop

Some of my followers have been asking me how it is to live with a show dog. It’s not easy.
Since she won that ribbon she acts like she owns the place. Last week, for instance. I was watching a rerun of Cat On A Hot Tin Roof, one of my favorites, when Ellie jumped up on the couch. She wanted to watch Dog With A Blog. “Forget about it,” I hissed. Then, when I wasn’t looking, she grabbed the remote and tried to change the channel with her teeth. Like most dogs her feet are too big to use for anything but walking. You can see what happened.


Now we can only get one station and are forced to watch Swedish Hollywood Wives every night until the new remote comes in the mail.

SAMB & Elli 


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