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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Watching Sumo

Watching Sumo

Sumo 3
I’ve started watching Sumo wrestlers – mass reality. 450 pounds the heaviest I’ve seen so far, the tallest 6’-7”. Wow. Most matches only last a couple seconds, ten seconds is a very long match, but the Japanese make up for with ritual and decoration, referees wrapped up like Christmas presents, costumes must cost thousands. Over-judges dressed in black make final decisions if the outcome is uncertain, often a matter of who touched the ground first. You must not touch down with any body part.

Sumo 2

I think what I like most is contestants aren’t beating each other half to death. There are no knockouts, cuts or bleeding, other than occasional minor inures and sprains from falling down, sometimes on top one another. It’s also been interesting to watch the women in the crowds attending. They seem delighted as opposed to women seen at boxing matches who seem, at best, uninterested, often bored.

Just thought I’d pass this on. A program called Fight Sports here in Sweden, but I think it’s on TV almost everywhere. Takes a few viewings to get into the rules and subtleties.

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