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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Observing Sweden – Immigration 3

Things here are happening faster than I can assimilate. It’s not just me. It seems we’re all just trying to catch up with news of what must be one of the biggest changes in our lifetimes.

Swedish Democrats again.

Seems I keep coming back to them, as they’re the only ones who dare to speak the obvious in this land of the politically correct. They’ve been passing out flyers to immigrants passing through other countries, on their way to Sweden. They are headlined: No money, no jobs, no place to live. The S.D.s have been criticized as tarnishing the Swedish image, but in my opinion what they say is true.
Last week, in my Swedish For Immigrants class, one of the SFI officials showed up to talk to students in regard to their continuing to upper levels of the language classes. Some worried about what they’d heard on Face book, or the Internet . . . wherever. The official spoke to them in Swedish, which everyone in the class understands better than I do, but I understood enough. “There are jobs!” he told them. “There is money! There are places to live!” I don’t know where he gets his information, and I’m sure he’s more aware of how things are than I . . . but still.

80,000 came to Sweden in 2014, another 80,000 have arrived so far this year, and more on the way. What are the jobs I wonder? Where are they? Not in here in this small town where I am. Almost all the new arrivals coming in are relocated to small towns much the same, and housing? Last I heard was talk of using some kind of Army tents. Some new arrivals were moved farther north in Sweden, to what has been some kind of a resort housing. They kidnapped the bus they arrived in as protest against being left ‘out in the north woods.’

“It’s the middle of nowhere,” they complained. Local TV showed photos of the housing, very nice, they said. Well cared for. With a pool, they added. Right – almost December here in Sweden. It gets cold. How many coming in have ever seen it snow? Somehow they’re finding still more places to house new arrivals, but the locations are kept secret out of fear of arsons which become more frequent ever month it seems.

(Swedish Paper)

Excerpts from Aftonbladet 10 November 2015:

The EU holds summit after summit to resolve the refugee crisis, but almost nothing happens. Europe wants to close the door but does not know how to behave. The panic in worst case has let to bloodshed.

Germany is about to reintroduce the Dublin Convention. This would send refugees back to the European country where they first arrived, to have their asylum proceedings there. Sweden and Germany, the countries that have taken in the most refuges, are about to apply the emergency break. There are no longer places for newcomers to stay. 

One wonders what an EU decision is rally worth when every meeting only results in meaningless declarations. The feeling is that the EU does not have any control over the refugee situation and that it may soon go really bad.
*             *             *
The news from Paris came as I was finishing this post at 2 a.m. last night. The happenings have now reached warp speed. What will happen next? And where?

Not knowing is the strength of man and beast.

Tomorrow – Excerpts from The Daily Kos, and Reuters.

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