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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Lampião's Band

Lampião - A 
Lampiāos Band

They fought against and incredibly corrupt Brazilian government. His right-hand man was known as the Blond Devil, and his woman, Maria Bonitas (Maria the Beautiful).
The relationship of Maria Bonita and Lampião is firmly rooted in Brazilian folk history, much like the ‘romance and violence’ fame that Bonie & Clyde achieved in the USA. The story of Lampião and Maria Bonita, has been the subject of innumerable Brazilian folk stories, books, comic books, songs, movies, and TV shows, with all the elements of drama, passion, and violence typical of “Wild West” stories.
Lampiao -  C 
At the youtube site below Maria’s photo you can find the popular Brazilian song “Acorda Maria Bonita” celebrating the cangaceira (outlaws).


On July 28, 1938, Lampião’s band was betrayed by one of his supporters and ambushed in one of his hideouts by a police troop armed with machine guns. In a quick battle, Lampião, Maria Bonita and 9 of his troops were killed, though some 40 others escaped. The heads of the dead bandits were cut off and sent to Salvador, the capital of Bahia, for examination by specialists at the State Forensic Institute, and later, for public exhibition. In 1969 were the families of Lampião and Maria Bonita were finally able to reclaim the preserved heads to finally bury them.

Lampiao - B

Lampião’s Band
Bruce Louis Dodson

Who were the last that stood?
Lampião’s Band.
How would you die?
In bed?
Or with the Blond Devil and Maria Bonita
making your play on some hot hill
amidst the smell of cordite, oil, and old rifles
without fear of death.

Where does the battle end?
Not any time or place you dare to make a stand.

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