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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Amber Does Dog Days - 2

Amber Redux 

This note is just to tell you followers I’m still alive. Bucks and I have been staying high, which is always a good thing. The dog stays at ground level so we feel reasonably safe . . . but paranoid. I’ve been keeping an eye on things, always watching from a safe distance.

Amber Watching

An iron curtain has appeared. It separates the kitchen and living room from the rest of the house, and was put up on the same day as the Berlin Wall anniversary. Bucks thinks there’s some kind of symbolic meaning in that, and we have been arguing about it.
“It’s no coincidence,” he says.

Whatever. The hound’s name is Ellie. She gets put in jail every night about ten o’clock. We feel safer then and have free run of the house late at night, but there are dog smells everywhere. Bucks had an encounter with Ellie in the kitchen yesterday after someone left the gate open.

Iron Curtain - Crop

He puffed himself up so big he looked like a black & white watermelon. I’ve never seen him do that before. It was weird.

The servants are giving us lots of snacks lately, probably because they feel guilty, and they should. I mean, really! Bucks is meowing about the computer now. He probably wants to tell you about his meet up with Ellie, but it wasn’t a big deal, if you want my opinion.

I’ll be back.

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  1. Hi, Bruce. Long time no 'see' mostly from my standpoint. I have been terrible about communicating the last few months. What a hoot from Bucks! I did not know you had ventured into the doggie world. Looking forward to hearing more cat & dog antics. The story has just begun... Hope all is well with you and everyone in the household..heehee Of course, you know I am talking about your wife and BOTH children (ahem! cats). Miss out correspondence and looking forward to getting back in the groove! Happy Thanksgiving! Foxie sends her purry greetings :-)