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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Postcard from Buzios, Brazil

Postcard From Brazil


At night in Buzios
warm sea breeze comes ashore
caressing . . . sultry breath of oceans.
Fishing boats rock gently on the dark horizon
flashlights blinking in the distance from on board
as crews make ready for the coming day.

They call the sea Yemanjá here
she is alive
a personality with changing moods that beckon those on land
with playfulness
the promise of adventure
rolls within the sound of crashing waves.

      Do not forsake me
      there is no good reason for a man to leave the sea
      I’m everything you want
      your greatest love
      both life and death
      all things between.

Her implorations spill from arms that want to hold

Published: Page & Spine - 2013

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