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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Bucks Looks at Modern Art

Bucks Start Photo 

I’ve been checking out some more contemporary paintings and am happy to see many artists are devoting their lives to painting cats.

This one is by Celia Pike. She’s more of a realist, but does very nice work. She lives in the UK and does mostly cat painting. She also does cats on dishes and other stuff. You can find her website on Google.


Debbie Crawford also does a lot of cats. This one captures the way I feel after snorting too much catnip. Debbie also paints dogs sometimes. I don’t know why, but whatever.


Franz Marc was a German expressionist who had a lot of interest in animals. He did this one in 1910. Reminds me of Van Gough, who never got around to painting cats because he died too young.


Tracy Allyn Green is another famous cat artist. She also does commissioned work if you’re interested. I’m thinking of having my portrait done in the near future.

Totally cool!

This will probably be the last of my art reviews for the time being. I have decided to go back to my philosophic and cosmological pursuits which require serious nap time and out-of-the-house thinking.


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