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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Buckminster & Amber - 18

Oh my God! He’s seen me and he’s coming for me. I can feel my hair stand up on end, which makes me look a lot bigger than I really am. A bigger target. This is it. No trees that I can climb in time, and it’s a good 30 yards to the back fence where I used to live. I’m frozen-catatonic! I can’t move and having crazy thoughts. Sweet memories of Amber. How I wish I told her that I loved her . . . and admitted sometimes I ate from her dish. Too late now. This is the end. I wish. . . .
Oh, Wow! It’s Boots. His coming faster than a speeding bullet  from around Coyote’s rear, then runs in front of him and races back to his place so fast he’s a blur. The Coyote chases after him, but won’t go past his house’s fence. And even if it dared, Boots has his cat-sized doorway. Boots is safe. And so am I! Already streaking for the backyard where I used to live when Coyote turns to look for me again. I leap the six foot fence with ease. A beautiful jump, I must say. Cleared the top by a foot. I trot around the corner, and up three wooden steps onto the deck and sliding glass doors where I used to watch the squirrels with Amber. And she’s here now!
            “Bucks! I heard something crash outside and came to look.”
            “Wind blew off a bottle that was sitting on the fence. It hit the concrete. No big deal.”
            “You look a fright,” she tells me. “Mud all over, and your fur’s all tangled.”
            “Yeah. It’s rough for longhairs on the outside, but I do all right.”
            “Umm. So, I guess you like this new life.”
            “Well, yeah . . . sure, but I’ve been thinking of coming back. I mean . . . well to tell the truth I’ve been missing you Amber.”
            “Oh Bucks, I wish I could open this door for you. The servants are asleep. I could go wake one up but I don’t think they’d get out of bed.”
            “Forget about it. I’ll be by the front door in the morning, hiding in the hedge. I’ll let the servants find me. Do you think they’ll want me back?
            “The way you’re looking now it could go either way. I’m sure they’ll want you, but I’m also sure you’re going to get a bath.”
            “Yeah. I can handle that. I’m a pretty tough cat you know. It’s not easy out on the streets. I’ll sleep under the deck tonight, and tomorrow I’ll give you a good chase around the house.”  

 It’s going to be a very long night.

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