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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Postcard From Amsterdam

Postcard from Amsterdam
Red Light district

Mental jailbreak from the puritanic laws made by the bourgeoisie
Unending hordes of back-packed youth
Throng happily along the tree lined sun-warmed summer's
Narrow streets along a maze of glittering canals
Reflecting dappled ripples
A Seurat of colors
Leaf green, sky blue, golden sun
Parade of small boats . . . endless promenade.
Sidewalks bestrewn with necklaces of bars, youth hostels
Small two star hotels
Live costumed manikins rap store-front windows
Call to passers by
"Hey baby... let me show you something you have never seen before."
Live sex shows glitter noonday neon above touts
Who beckon while awaiting guided tour groups
Sure to come along this evening
Giddy with excitement.
Coffee shops abound for every taste and nationality
Dispense bouquets of marijuana and hashish from within
Where cigarettes are not allowed.
Small groups are gathered joyfully at tables
Rolling joints . . . discussing favorite blends
Hushed conversations
Fresh fruit blended by tattooed baristas
Dutch Big-Easy.

Early Morning streets near vacant
Lingering smell of beer
Street cleaners wuzzing slowly by
An early morning prostitute
Stands in her doorway
Savoring the cool post-dawn.

What cause to leave this place
Save winter's bleak and cold respite from joy
And jobs that we cannot escape.

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