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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lost In Seattle

If you have enjoyed reading some of the work posted on this blog you may be interested in reading my novel.

A nice guy, fifty-three years old, gets downsized—out of work 3 years. Willie Brenner loses everything white middle class has given: savings, wife & daughter, home . . . even his dog. He moves into a low rent neighborhood and floating world of ethnicities and lifestyles previously unknown. Men and women working to survive at a near poverty level of existence. Temps jobs: heavy lifting, cleaning—fumes . . . jobs that can kill you, back problems and accidents.  Readers will follow a runaway mother with Alzheimer’s, a bank robber (The One Armed Bandit), one serial killer, two lawyers, a motorcycle gang, two artists, a Buddhist abbot (Iron Ma) and a braless barista who loves sex. There are some good times with the bad and new friends held by the bonds of common labor. A mid-life man maintains his sense of humor and rediscovers himself, Lost in Seattle.
                                                                        *     *     *
Lost In Seattle is now available as an e-book on You can read the 1st chapter free by scrolling down, and download the first two chapters free from Amazon.


  1. One heck of a scary incline in that photo! It looks more like a roller coaster than a road!

  2. Sounds like a plot a lot of Americans can relate to. I will go to Amazon to read the first pages of it...