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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Life On Earth - Part 2

Life on Earth

Life on Earth
The apparitions pass as vision
through a prismed glass
from which we drink
never knowing that which comes next
for forever and a day
until that final recognition
bitter sweet

Until then we are entertained
watching the show
bemused and titillated
with a modest paranoia
first sign of awareness
how has all this come to pass
what’s going on
so obvious we are afraid to look
perhaps too late to understand
the players
kings and queens  who’ve shrugged the weight of crowns
adorned with yachts and helicopters
wealth beyond imagination.

Politics American
games played by millionaires
we look without much choice
beyond diversions given
divert attention
while they  pick our pockets
clean out anything that’s left
whatever freedoms
savings, property or promises as yet not repossessed.

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