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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Varieties of Truth

Varieties of Truth

Absolute truth                              Acceptable truth                              Affordable truth
Alienable truth                             Awful truth                                      Basic truth
Biological truth                           Bitter truth                                       Burden of truth
Comparative truth                       Conclusive truth                              Constructive truth
Contradictory truth                     Cosmic truth                                    Costly truth
Cryptic truth                               Damned truth                                   Deceptive truth
Disgusting truth                          Dismal truth                                     Empirical truth
Ethical truth                                Evasive truth                                    Ever-present truth
False truth                                   Glaring truth                                    God’s own truth
Gospel truth                                Half truth                                         Historical truth
Honest truth                                Horrible truth                                  Imaginary truth
Inner truth                                   Ironic truth                                      Incontrovertible truth
Joyful truth                                 Liar’s truth                                       Liberating truth
Living truth                                 Mysterious truth                             Mythical truth
My truth                                      Naked truth                                     Natural truth
Noble truth                                  Obvious truth                                  One and only truth
Painful truth                                Partial truth                                     Pitiful truth
Plain truth                                    Political truth                                  Popular truth
Practical truth                              Pragmatic truth                               Prevailing truth
Questionable truth                       Realizable truth                              Real truth
Recognizable truth                      Righteous truth                               Scientific truth
Shocking truth­                             Simple truth                                    Spiritual truth
Tabloid truth                                Terrifying truth                               Theological truth
Timely truth                                 Twisted truth                                  Ugly truth
Ultimate truth                              Unacceptable truth                         Unavoidable truth
Unbelievable truth                       Undeniable truth                            Understandable truth
Unfortunate truth                         Universal truth                               Unparalleled truth
Unpleasant truth                          Unprecedented truth                       Unquestionable truth
Untold truth                                 Variable truth                                  Welcomed truth

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