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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Observing Sweden - Proverbs

Swedish Proverbs:
1. I have a rooster in my throat / jag har en tupp i halsen
Means that you need to clear your throat.

2. You’ve crapped in the blue cupboard / Nu har du skitit i det blå skåpet
You have done something wrong.

3. Don’t drag everyone over the same comb / Dra inte alla över en kam
For instance – Swedes are known for being shy but don’t drag all Swedes over the same comb by assuming that ALL Swedes will run and hide if you try to talk to them.

4. To slide on a shrimp sandwich / Att glida på en räkmacka
To “glida på en räkmacka” is in fact something to envy. It describes a person who tends to be a bit too lucky – or perhaps a bit like someone who gets things served on a silver platter.

7. Only dead fish follow the stream /Bara döda fiskar följer strömmen
Describes someone who lacks his/her own will and just follows the general consensus.

8. A close shot doesn’t kill the hare / Nära skjuter ingen hare
Used to describe a situation where you were close to a goal but didn’t quite get all the way.

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